Brooches, Clips, Kilt Pins, Stick Pins:

Antique Bronze Rhinestone Clover Safety Pins Brooches 5.4x2.5cm, 1pc

CODE: b8i-3845

Zinc metal alloy+Rhinestone(Lead and nickel safe) Size: Approx: 5.4cm x 2.5cm Hole size: 4.2mm Thickness: 8mm conversion : 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm =... More
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Bola slide, lead-safe nickel/silver-plated brass, 19x16mm spring action 1pc

CODE: bfi-2417fn

A bola slide will hold bola cord securely. First glue a cabochon or ornament to the front face of the bola slide. To attach the cord, press down the... More
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Brooch Back Bar Pins - 25x5mm, 2 hole, Silver Tone, 97 pc pack

CODE: b8i-14303

$5.95   $5.50
Silver Tone Brooch Back Bar Pins Findings 25x5mm,  This Pack have 97 Pc Not 100   More
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Brooch with Sieve - 25mm, Nickel plate, 5 sets

CODE: bi-fa1183

Brooch with Sieve, 25mm, Nickel platel,5sets.
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Brooch, Leaves with five bottom loops - 33x12.5mm silver-plated pewter, 1pc

CODE: bfi-8610fy

Brooch, lead-free antiqued silver-plated pewter, 33x12.5mm leaves with five bottom loops. Sold individually. The decorative brooch has five loops... More
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Brooch, With Five Bottom Loops - 23x6.5mm, antiqued silver-plated pewter, 1pc

CODE: bfi-8611fy

Brooch, lead-free antiqued silver-plated pewter, 23x6.5mm with five bottom loops. Sold individually. The decorative brooch has five loops for... More
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Hat Pin + Clutch, Brass, 10 sets

CODE: bi-f659

Hat Pin (raw brass) + Clutch (Gold plate), 1 set Length: 115mm  
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Mesh Disc & Brooch Base - 22 x 30mm, Silver Plated, 4 SETS


2 part Mesh Disc & Brooch Base, 22 x 30mm, 4 SETS       More
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Scarf Kilt Pin, 2 Loops, Gold plated, 3pcs

CODE: bci-f518g

Scarf/Kilt Pin, 2 loops,Gold plated 3pcsbr />
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Scarf Kilt Pin, 3 Loop, Nickel plated, 3 pcs

CODE: bci-f517

Scarf/Kilt Pin, 3 Loop, Nickel plated 78mm
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